Titanfall Update Promises "Yummy" Optimizations to Boost Performance



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I dont get the hate this game gets... This is a pretty cool game with a lot of skilled players as any other FPS. Yes EA is nickel and dimeing players this but it is what they do.

The only this this needs fixing as many other players point out in the between match chat is the "jumping f****t autoaim gun a*****es" that kill some of the run n gun skill based gameplay...



Did they optimize the lack of players?

Or the matchmaking that puts level 1 guys against a team full of level 50?

I bought 2 copies and stopped playing after getting stomped every single match. Thankfully I only paid $20 each. So not a big loss.


Led Weappelin

I've enjoyed this title much more than I thought I would. It's a fun online shooter that has some cool elements to it. For those that like shooters you may want to give it a look.



"Lots of yummy bandwidth optimizations as well as various delicious framerate optimizations have been lovingly hand-crafted and squeezed into the game,"

What an unpleasant statement to read.

That said, it's nice that SLI is officially supported..at the 5 month mark since release. Not that I've played Titanfall after the first week I was duped into buying it.



Anyone over the age of five who uses the word "yummy" in a sentence should be beaten with live monkeys and keelhauled.



"Respawn said it worked with Nvidia so that the second GPU would no longer sit idle."

That does not necessarily mean that it is going to be the SLI most expect. My assumption is that they optimized it so that the games does a better job of offloading post processing such as AA to the second GPU and does a better job of gpu transcoding on the 2nd gpu. Exactly like what was done with RAGE years ago. It will help im sure, but not in the way SLI users would want as all the main rendering will still be done on one GPU.

It is my understanding from something I read from it's makers that the way the MegaTexture "feature" works is simply not SLI friendly. Im trying to find the article and will link it when I find it. In not so many words iD (john carmack) has gone on record saying they simply don't support SLI and everyone should just use a single GPU.

EDIT* i can't seem to find the article I remember reading back in the RAGE days.. but if you do some googling on the subject you can find bits and pieces. It's not a game I got into.. I tried the beta and it just wasnt for me.. but for those who play it I truely hope im wrong on this one.