Titanfall Update Promises "Yummy" Optimizations to Boost Performance

Paul Lilly

Lots of bandwidth tweaks await Titanfall in the latest update

Respawn has put the finishing touches on its fifth title update for Titanfal l, and with it comes a ton of optimizations intended to improve online play. The update applies to all platforms and also includes numerous bug fixes, as well as more robust multi-GPU support specific to the PC. Respawn said it worked with Nvidia so that the second GPU would no longer sit idle.

"Lots of yummy bandwidth optimizations as well as various delicious framerate optimizations have been lovingly hand-crafted and squeezed into the game," Respawn said .

A couple of tweaks specific to the PC include a fix for 120/144hz monitors to use the desktop refresh rate for max frames per second when VSync is disabled or when in windowed mode, and a fix for weapon fire rate being different when running greater than 60fps.

You can find more information in the release notes .

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