TinyURL Finally Adds Vanity URLs


Paring down an extraordinarily long web address into a manageable hyperlink makes it possible to share line-breaking URLs via email, text messages, Twitters, or any other medium without overwhelming the recipient, and therein lies the beauty of TinyURL. Unfortunately, the ugly truth is that while TinyURL makes short work of long URLs, they're also exceedingly difficult to recall for anyone not fluent in Nerglish . Or at least they were.

At long last , TinyURL has finally given users the ability to denote a custom alias to shortened links instead of a random list of characters. That means you can focus on remembering http://tinyurl.com/YouTubeAds instead of trying to recall http://tinyurl.com/688o7d .

Of course, standard safe practice still applies. Don't click on hyperlinks from untrusted sources no matter what they're labeled as. And you know that buddy that still finds it amusing to send you a Rick Roll for the umpteenth time? Don't click on his custom TinyURLs either.

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