Time Warner Takes on Hulu, Netflix with New "Look Back" Service

Paul Lilly

Time Warner today is launching its Look Back service, which gives subscribers an alternative to sites like Hulu for viewing shows after they've already aired. With the Look Back service, viewers can catch up on TV episodes up to three days after they've been beamed to TV sets, Reuters reports .

The service is launching nationally to nearly all of Time Warner Cable's roughly 13 million customers and includes support for 24 channels, including ABC, NBC, Discovery, and the Food Network.

Look Back users will be able to play and rewind previously aired broadcasts using their remotes, but won't be able to fast forward through commercials.

"This gives consumers more options so they don't have to think about whether they have set up their DVRs to record a show, Look Back does so automatically," said Melinder Witmer, Time Warner Cable's Chief Programming Officers.

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