Time Warner Releases Live TV Streaming Web App

Ryan Whitwam

Time Warner has rolled out a new TV viewing option for its customers to enjoy from the safety of home (and only from home). Live TV streams are now flowing to compatible web browsers for those with Time Warner TV and internet services. The TWC TV web app is in beta, but supports Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Although, the service does have a number of catches.

Users will first need to install the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in if it’s not already present. Viewers can only watch live TV at home, where the cable box is set up. Additionally, content from Viacom (like Comedy Central and MTV) are not included in the new streaming service. It was Viacom that pitched a fit last year when Time Warner started streaming content to mobile devices.

The TWC TV app also has guide data for 7 days and DVR controls. These features will work anywhere; it’s just the streaming that is limited to the home. Do you think content companies will ever get over their fear of online streaming?

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