Time Warner High-Speed Data Customers Total 10 Million Strong

Paul Lilly

In terms of the total number of residential and commercial broadband subscribers, Time Warner Cable ranks as the third largest ISP in the United States,  And in terms of high-speed subscribers, Time Warner said it just recently hopped over the 10 million subscribers mark. That might sound like reason to celebrate if you have a vested interest in Time Warner, but is everything as rosy as it seems?

For the most part, the answer is 'yes.'

"Our high-speed data product is quickly becoming our anchor product in the eyes of consumers," said Glenn Britt , Chairman and CEO of Time Warner Cable. "By helping to make our customers lives simpler and easier with faster speeds, more convenient choices, and a full suite of safety and security features, we hope to continue to be a part of their lives for a long, long time."

What Britt wasn't quick to point out is that TWC lost 65,000 basic video customers during the first quarter, which is starting to become a trend as Netflix and other streaming services gain steam. However, TWC did add 84,000 digital phone customers and 189,000 broadband subscribers in Q1, all of which led to a 5 percent increase in revenues from the first quarter of 2010, to $4.8 billion. Subscription revenues were up too, jumping 4.6 percent year-over-year to $4.6 billion.

Image Credit: Flickr (The Consumerist)

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