Time Warner Cable: Consumers Don't Want Gigabit Internet

Paul Lilly

Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, meet your new spokesperson, Time Warner Cable.

Google's trying to pave the high-speed cyber highway with its Google Fiber Internet service, which is currently only available to the lucky residents of Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. Time Warner Cable could follow suit if it wanted to -- after all, it's already serving incredibly high-speed Internet service to businesses -- but the reason it isn't pursuing 1Gbps Internet service to consumers at this time is because, well, they don't want it.

"We're in the business of delivering what consumers want, and to stay a little ahead of what we think they will want," Time Warner Cable CFO Irene Esteves said at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference, according to The Verge . Esteves was responding to a question about Google's Kansas City networks.

She points out that Time Warner Cable is already delivering 1Gbps and even 10Gbps to business customers, so the capability and infrastructure is already in place. However, consumers haven't shown the same type of demand, though that's not the only reason.

"If Google finds the magic pill and finds applications that require that and develops a need for it, well terrific," Esteves added. "We would build our product base in order to deliver that."

What say you, is Time Warner Cable right on this one, or do you want 1Gbps Internet service?

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