Tim Schafer Asks Internet to Fund New Point and Click Adventure, Gets a Million Dollars

Maximum PC Staff

In under 24 hours, Double Fine made gaming (and Kickstarter) history. It all started when the funhouse that funnyman Tim Schafer built took to Kickstarter to ask for a few coins in the cup of a brand new point-and-click adventure game. And by “a few coins,” we mean $400,000. And so – no doubt fueled by fond memories of pirates who fight like dairy farmers – a legion of adoring fans buried the Kickstarter account in nickles, dimes, dollars, and priceless family heirlooms. The end result? It breezed past $400,000 in mere hours . And it's still going. As of writing, it reached $1,250,476, officially shattering Kickstarter's record for most donations in 24 hours and most backers. Which is all to say damn . Oh, and let's not forget that Notch is essentially playing Robin Hood to Psychonauts 2 – except with less arrows and more proof that there is justice in the universe after all. So yeah, all-in-all, we'd say Double Fine's had a pretty OK week or whatever, we guess.

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