Tilera Celebrates Return of Co-Founder as CEO with 36-core Processor

Paul Lilly

Most 'welcome back' parties  entail a gathering of friends, loud music, some streamers, and a few drinks. Cake is optional, though encouraged. Tilera Corporation had something else in mind when it welcomed back company co-founder Davesh Garg, who rejoins the outfit as its chief executive officer. Tilera celebrated by timing the announcement of two of its low-power, high-performance 64-bit processors, the 36-core TILE-Gx36 and the 16-core TILE-Gx16, to coincide with his return.

This marks the first time Tilera has ventured into 64-bit territory, though it's far from the company's first rodeo with manycore processors. Tilera actually delivered the world's first 100-core general purpose processor last summer, which is ten times more than Intel's 10-core (20 threaded) Xeon E7. They don't run all the same software, but as far as Tilera is concerned, it's GX chips compete against Sandy Bridge.

Tilera's latest chips are built on a 40nm manufacturing process, down from 90nm, and are available in 1GHz and 1.2GHz frequencies, down from 1.5GHz to help keep power consumption and temperatures in check.

The company claims it's servicing more than 80 customers with its TILE-Gx processors, including Harmonic and Mercury Computer Systems. Tilera will announce additional customers throughout 2012.

Image Credit: Tilera via The Register

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