TigerDirect Accepting BitCoin as Payment

Sean D Knight

Virtual currency for physical goodies

TigerDirect is now accepting BitCoin as payment on its website . The retailer revealed that BitCoin adopters can use the virtual currency to purchase anything excluding gift cards.

The value of BitCoins will be based on US Dollars with the exchange rate provided by a TigerDirect partner, BitPay, and be valid for up to 15 minutes at the time of purchase. BitCoin, as of now, will only be accepted on the US version of TigerDirect.com and not at any of its retail stores or call centers. However, the website will accept worldwide orders from customers living outside of the US.

TigerDirect has warned consumers that all transactions paid with the virtual currency will be final and that its acceptance of this particular form of payment can be changed at any time at its discretion without any advanced notice.

BitCoin has continued to increase in value and popularity since its launch in 2009.  Recently Xidax , a custom PC company, became one of the latest businesses, and the first system builder, to accept BitCoin as payment. And while the crypto-currency hasn’t been recognized in the US as a legitimate form of legal tender, it hasn’t stopped BitCoin miners from purchasing AMD’s Radeon R9 290X, causing a shortage of supply , and other GPUs to mine for the virtual gold.

The value of BitCoin is currently around $800 as of the publishing of this article.

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