TI Flying High with ARM's Eagle Core License

Paul Lilly

Texas Instruments (TI) says it will be the first company to license ARM's next-generation Cortex-A series processor core, currently known as "Eagle." In addition, TI is helping to define the upcoming part, which will be announced sometime later this year.

"Our position as ARM's advanced lead partner for its next-generation Cortex-A series processor core underscores TI's unwavering commitment to helping customers achieve success in the competitive mobile world," TI said. 'Our customers will be the first to leverage the new ARM processor core's far-reaching innovations via our industry-leading OMAP products."

According to earlier reports, Eagle will come comprised of a multi-core chip with "high-end" graphics and relatively low power usage thanks to Global Foundries 28nm manufacturing process. This, along with two other iterations, will provide the foundation for future mobile devices.

Image Credit: Flickr Tambako the Jaguar

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