Thriving Computer Graphics Market Belies PC Sales Slump, Will Top $142 Billion by 2016

Paul Lilly

Graphics business just keeps on growing

Traditional PC sales may be in a slump, but the same isn't necessarily true of the computer graphics market, an industry that's seen growth since it was established in the late 1970s, according to data by Jon Peddie Research (JPR). Having survived the recession that plagued the PC industry over the last several years, the computer graphics segment is showing signs of "renewed vigor and potential."

According to JPR, the computer graphics hardware market will exceed $124 billion by 2016, up from an expected $107 billion in 2013, which itself is up from $93 billion in 2010.

"The sharp curtailment of household and corporate spending during the recession has resulted in a renewed desire among consumers and businesses to begin increasing spending on the latest graphics software and hardware platforms," JPR says. "We will see the development of traditional segments like CAD/CAM expand as new design approaches in automotive, aerospace, and architecture are adopted. Visualization, a market that has been almost dormant for the past few years, is now poised for significant growth due to the availability of more powerful and less expensive visualization technologies."

Workstations and monitors represent the largest areas of growth in the computer graphics industry, followed by mobile coming in a "strong third." As for gaming PC sales, JPR notes a 3.16 percent decline compared to last year, marking the segment as the lone exception. However, gaming PC sales will pick up over the coming years, growing from $17.79 billion in 2013 to $20.77 billion in 2016.

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