THQ Killing Five Studios, Economy a Suspected Accomplice

Nathan Grayson

After EA dribbled its drop into the bucket, it was only a matter of time until other mega-publishers hopped in line. Proving the previous statement's veracity, here's THQ.

According to pretty much everyone -- save for, of course, THQ -- the publisher plans to pack five studios onto the chopping block this week, bringing its total posse down from 16 studios to an economy sized 11.

The development studios being given the go ahead to stroll toward the light are Paradigm (Stuntman Ignition), Helixe, Locomotive, Sandblast Games and Mass Media.

Additionally, Juice Games (known for, uh, racing title Juiced) will remain open, but will lose roughly one third of its staff.

Our prayers are with those who find themselves unemployed. Good luck, everyone.

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