Thousands of Mozilla Developer Network Email Addresses, Passwords Exposed



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I'm curious about how somebody screwed up that badly. Obviously there was a hole in the code of the 'sanitization' process, but that's a pretty big arsed hole if ANYWHERE in the comp it says 'move data.file to location xyz.public'

Good lord!



Because throughout America there is very little accountability any more.

Mostly a bunch of people only interested in numbers, who would try to make those numbers better at most any price, regardless of risk or outcome.

Take a look at the Target example. Warning went out left and right, and were completely ignored. One of the largest credit and data theft ever, all because Target hires a company like Fazio Mechanical Contacting based in suburban Pittsburgh.

Why is Fazio still even in business? Fazio should be accountable; as should Target. Where were there I.T. people during all of this. Sure would like to review there resumes.