Those ChromeBooks? People Are Buying Them

Ryan Whitwam

Despite predictions of doom and gloom, consumers seem to be optimistic about the prospects for Google’s ChromeOS in its current form. The ChromeBooks from Acer and Samsung are selling briskly on Amazon, Cnet reports . The cheapest model, the $349 Wi-Fi only Acer is currently number 4 in the laptop category.

Even more expensive models like the $499 Samsung version has a place in the top 10, but just barely. All these devices run the first official release of Google’s ChromeOS, and will be updated over the air. One DisplaySearch analyst called ChromeBooks, “what a Netbook should have been.”

These 12-inch Atom-based machines aren’t without their issues, though. ChromeOS is mostly useless without an Internet connection. Additionally, some tasks like photo and video editing are difficult. Still, a few years ago would we have ever considered the possibility that people would be buying computers in sizable numbers that didn’t run Windows or OSX?

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