This Scratch-Built, Desk-Based PC Mod Looks Great, Runs Cool And Rocks Three Monitors

Brad Chacos

Something about case mods that build a PC into an actual desk are just plain cool . We loved Peter Brands' L3P Desk (featured in our kick-ass case mods gallery ) and a new mod by Shazim Mohammed continues on in the fine tradition by cramming a water-cooled, plenty powerful PC with a three monitor Eyefinity setup into a desk that was built completely from scratch. It might not be overly flashy, but it's impressive nonetheless.

The biggest challenge, Mohammed reports, was figuring out a way to get good air flow moving around the MDF-built desk. He enlisted the help of a Tom's Hardware forum-goer and planned a layout that includes three exhaust fans, two intake fans and a liquid cooling setup for the CPU and GPU. The final setup runs at 31 degrees Celcius.

Speaking of final setups, here's what Mohammed put into his desk, straight from the man himself:

  • Asus Gene  IV Motherboard
  • i5-2500k Processor
  • Radeon HD 7950 Graphics card with Water Cooling block (EK)
  • 3x Dell UltraSharp (U2312HM) Monitors (in Eyefinity setup) with a modded ergonomic mount.
  • 3x Gelid UV Reactive Green fans
  • XSPC Raystorm CPU waterblock
  • XSPC RX360 Radiator
  • PrimoFlex UV Green tubinh
  • Swiftech pump

Head over to Mohammed's build log to see tons and tons of both in-progress and finished product pics. Seriously, there are a lot of them: just so you don't think your broadband connection's acting up, we'll warn you in advance that the website takes a long time to load. It's worth the wait, though.

Via Engadget (suprisingly)

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