This Monitor Takes Print Screen Commands Seriously

Paul Lilly

Designer Byeong Min Choe's latest concept hits you square in the face the way only epiphanies can. Why not skip the middle man -- in this case, Photoshop or whatever photo manipulation program you use, and even a dedicated printer for that matter -- and jettison those Print Screen captures from your monitor to paper in one simple keystroke?

Meet the " Document Extractor ," a combination monitor, printer, and scanner all rolled into one. Sure, we can think of a handful of reasons why this has never been done before (it would cost too much, if one function breaks you have to replace the entire unit, etc), but reservations aside, we have to admit this is a seriously cool concept.

In Choe's mind, the monitor would support multi-touch capabilities so you could manipulate screen captures and crop/resize as necessary before printing them out. When you're ready, the screen grab comes out of the bottom of the panel, and there's a paper tray in the back. And of course you could use this for printing more than just screen grabs.

Image Credit: Yanko Design

So what's the verdict? Cool concept or useless gadget?

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