This is What a $1 Million Cell Phone Looks Like

Paul Lilly

If the thought of paying $500 for a mobile phone makes you sick to your stomach, stop reading now, or at least have a puke bag at the ready. Gresso's "Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot" makes those several hundred dollar smartphones seem like a comparative bargain.

Gresso, which is no stranger to exorbitantly priced handsets, joins the million dollar cell phone club , previously only occupied by GoldVish with its Le Million Piece Unique.

So how does the Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot justify its seven figure price tag? Quite frankly, it can't - we're talking about a million dollar cell phone here, folks. But one of the reasons it cost so much is because of the black diamonds covering the front coupled with the 200-year-old African blackwood that comprises the back. Throw in a 12mm frame made of 180 grams of gold and there's no way you're going to see this one listed on

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Image Credit: Gresso

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