This Holiday, Put an Ebook on your Wishlist--Everyone Else Will

Ryan Whitwam

You can probably start your Christmas shopping now. It turns out that everyone wants an eBook reader this holiday season. Forrester research has said it expects 3 millions eBook readers to be sold this year .  The research firm further said that fully 30% of them would be sold during the holiday season.

In the last few weeks, competition in the eBook market has heated up. Sony has announced new eReaders at competitive prices. Amazon has also cut the price of the Kindle slightly, while introducing an international version with GSM 3G data. These developments, along with the increased media awareness of eReaders caused Forrester to make their predictions.

Forrester also expects next year to be even better for eReaders. The Barnes & Noble backed iRex 800 will be an additional challenge to Amazon’s dominant Kindle. If Apple’s tablet ever materializes, and is a decent platform for reading books, it may also have an effect. With this rapid growth, you might as well just pack up your paper books now. Who wants to read books made from dead trees anyway?

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