This Hack Lets You Use Google for Real-Time Search


Think you're already a black belt in Google-Fu? Get ready to kick it up a notch with a real-time search hack that will have you round-housing the web with more precise searches.

Google already gives you a bit of fine-tune control by allowing you to limit search results by time frame, but you can only choose between 'Any time,' 'Past year,' 'Past week,' 'Recent results,' and 'Past 24 hours.' That means if you want to search for articles that were crawled just minutes ago -- or even a second ago -- it's Twitter or bust. Until now.

Omgili blog discovered that if you change a specific parameter in the URL, you can have Google display search results for the past minute or second. The parameter in question is qdr.d , which the blog surmises stands for Query Date Range (we won't argue). Let's take a look at an example:

The above URL spits out search results for Intel that were posted within the last 24 hours, but if we wanted to narrow down further, we could search for results posted in the last few minutes by changing the qdr:d string to qdr:n, and for the past second, we'd change it to qdr:s.



It's not too often that the 'Second' search will come in handy, but if you wanted to expand it a bit to the past 30 seconds, you'd change the parameter to qdr:s30. You can do the same with minutes, just enter a number afterward.

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