Third Quarter Graphics Shipments Climb Nearly 17 Percent

Paul Lilly

Analysts at Jon Peddie Research (JPR) said that Q3 graphics shipments jumped 16.7 percent over last quarter, and 18.4 percent over last year. That's the sort of thing that happens when you start integrating graphics onto CPU dies, as both Intel (Sandy Bridge) and AMD (Fusion) have done, which helped "shipments during the third quarter of 2011 [to] (finally) behave according to past years with regards to seasonality."

The third quarter is usually when shipments of graphics chips grow, according to JPR . It was also the seventh quarter of embedded processor graphics for Intel, which "had a very strong double digit growth in desktops and notebooks." Intel ended the quarter with a 60.4 percent share of the market, up from 54.8 percent last quarter and 55.1 percent last year.

AMD, meanwhile, came in second with a 23 percent share of the graphics chip market, down from 24.4 percent last quarter and exactly where it was one year ago. Nvidia, which withdrew from the integrated segment, ended the quarter with a 16.1 percent share of the market, down from 20.1 percent last quarter and also last year.

Image Credit: AMD

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