Thin-Skinned Model Sues Google

Paul Lilly

Can Google be held responsible for remarks left by bloggers on the search engine company's Blogger publishing service? That's one of the questions being raised as Liskula Cohen, a Canadian model, sues Google over an anonymous blogger calling her "our #1 skanky superstar," along with calling her an "old hag" and other unflattering remarks.

"We think we have a case," said Steven Wagner , Cohen's laywer. "This is libelous, it's defamatory and you shouldn't just get away with this."

Cohen isn't sueing Google for any financial compensation, and instead wants the search giant to reveal the anonymous blogger's identity, who posted the offending remarks in a blog titled 'Skanks in New York.' The site appears to be entirely devoted to slamming Cohen through captions left under several candid pics of the 36-year-old model.

Does Cohen have a case? Hit the jump and tell us if you think the thin model has a legal leg to stand on.

Image Credit: Flickr Joe Gratz

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