"Thin is In," Says Lenovo with its New "Y" Series IdeaPads


Don't want to trade power and and versatility for light, thin, portability? Lenovo says , 'Why should you?' with its new Y-series IdeaPad laptops. The new IdeaPad Y series features three different models, all of which include:

  • 16x9 HD screens
  • Up to 500GB hard disks
  • Lenovo OneKey Theater display and sound effects settings to optimize gameplay or movie watching
  • Intel processors
  • Up to 4GB of DDR3 memory
  • VeriFace facial recognition technology
  • OneKey Rescue system recovery
  • Multi-touch touchpad

Optional features include NVIDIA GFX graphics and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

The IdeaPad Y650 features a 16-inch screen, is one inch thick at its thinnest point, and weighs only 5.6 lbs. It includes JBL speakers and an ambient light sensor to adjust screen brightness. Smaller models include the Y550 (15.6-inch screen) and the Y450 (14-inch screen).

These PCs will hit the market in March, with the Y650's starting price coming in at $1,199, and the other models starting at $829.

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