Thief Developer Promises PC Version Won't Be a Crappy Console Port

Paul Lilly

PC gamers deserve better than a straight-up console ports.

There exists lists on the web of the worst console to PC game ports (and vice versa, to be fair), which is frightening in and of itself. It's a disturbing trend that underscores how PC players are sometimes treated like second class gamers, and it's a real shame when you consider how much flexibility the PC platform offers in terms of controls, mods, graphics, and everything else. In light of this, it's refreshing to hear Thief developer Stephane Roy promise something better for PC gamers.

Roy talked about Eidos Montreal's plans for the PC version of Thief in an interview with Strategy Informer , stating that one of the goals is to ensure the PC release doesn't end up a copy of the console version.

"No doubt on our side the PC version is extremely important," Roy said. "Just playing Thief with a keyboard and mouse, it's different so we must make sure we support that well. For making the PC version we think like a PC gamer, for consoles it's a different type of beast. It's one of our goals to make sure that the PC version isn't just a copy of the console version."

As our sister site PC Gamer points out , publisher Square Enix has a pretty good track record of delivering quality PC ports, so there's reason to be optimistic here.

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