They're Only Human: Deus Ex: HR Delayed out of Early 2011

Nathan Grayson

We consider ourselves to be fairly complex individuals driven by an unfathomably intricate system of wants and needs – including the desire to succeed, chocolate, and chocolate – but it seems Eidos Montreal's solved our psychological puzzle. Simply mash together one storied franchise, one incredibly promising trailer and one unexpected delay , and – presto! – crushing depression .

Citing “harsh market feedback” on recent titles, publisher Square Enix has decided to push Deus Ex: Human Revolution into its next fiscal year, which means the cyberpunk shooter won't hit cyber-shelves until April 2011 at the absolute earliest.

Odds are, this stems from Final Fantasy XIV's cringe-inducing bellyflop of a landing and the publisher's fear of a repeat performance. There, especially, “harsh” is an understatement, and its developers are in a state of disaster control so intense you'd think the game recently suffered a Godzilla attack (which, incidentally, would make it so much better).

So basically, we can't blame Square Enix for delaying Deus Ex. Plus, there's no such thing as too much polish. But even in the face of such evidence, we can't squelch our inner five-year-old's screams of “I want it now!”

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