Thermaltake's Toughpower DPS Series Power Supplies Come with Software Control and Monitoring

Paul Lilly

Unique software solution keeps track of energy costs

Thermaltake has come out with a new kind of power supply (PSU), one that will let you monitor and control its vitals to provide your system with clean and stable power, and to help you keep track of how much juice it's sucking from the wall. The new units are the Toughpower DPS 850W and 750W, both digitally controlled via a free software download ( DPSApp ) available on Thermaltake's website.

Using the software, you can essentially do three things:

  1. Monitor the electricity cost of your PC
  2. Actively monitor and record the status of your PC
  3. Share that information in the cloud with friends, if you desire

It's a pretty nifty software suite that will help you determine just how much an all-night gaming session costs, or what you're paying to run a distributed computing project like Folding@Home or SETI.

The actual power supplies themselves are fully modular, 80 Plus Gold certified, and ready to run Haswell without a hitch. No word yet on how much either model costs or when they'll be available.

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