Thermaltake's High WattageToughpower XT PSUs Could Power a Small City

Paul Lilly

Thermaltake's new Toughpower XT Platinum and Gold power supplies mean business, at least on paper. These new high-output PSUs come in three wattages -- 1275W, 1375W, and 1475W -- two of which are 80 Plus Gold certified (1375W and 1475W), with the other receiving an 80 Plus Platinum stamp.

With well over 1000W and high energy efficiency, Thermaltake is taking aim at hardcore gamers who run multiple videocards and other high-end users. All three models use 100 percent 105C Japanese electrolytic and solid capacitors, as well as several technologies of interest to engineering geeks (and we use that term affectionately), such as full bridge and LLC resonance circuits and an interleaved PFC circuit. All three also sport heavy-gauge 16 AWG cables, multiple PCI-E connectors, and PSU status LEDs.

On the all-important +12V rail, the 1275W offers 45A for 12V1 and 65A for 12V2; the 1375W is rated at 50A for 12V1 and 70A for 12V2; and the 1475W is rated at 55A for 12V1 and 75 for 12V2.

No word on price or availability.

Toughpower XT Platinum 1275W
Toughpower XT Gold 1375W
Toughpower XT Gold 1475W

Image Credit: Thermaltake

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