Thermaltake New Soprano Review



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Are you guys going to update the Best of the Best mid-tower case? The Soprano has not been available for the better part of a year, every retailer is out of stock.



First Jimmthang, not to be a grammar nazi, but since i've been here, not hear. Second, i agree with klein, 8? 9? Almost like the reviews have no intrisic value, how about a base line, like a 4 or 5, maybe even a one, just as a point of reference? As Syndrome once said, if everyone is a nine, then no one is a nine, i may be paraphrasing, but you get my drift. Give us some real world numbers, i tend to believe more that you lost your sense of good and bad, vs. that you are paid off, but sooner or later, if it walks like a duck?



No word on if this was a full size or mid sized case. Did I miss something?



I am curious why this new Antec Soprano case rates a Kick Ass 9 score, when to be honest, the Fractal R4 is 20 to 50 dollars cheaper, and is a better case all around and only got a score of 8? Again, just curious.



If it were my review, I'd give the Soprano the 9 because I think it looks a little better than the Fractal. The Fractal looks a bit like a server case. But the Fractal has good features too.

That hot-swap dock takes it for me, I was surprised to see the Soprano for $120. Good features and Aesthetics.



Not flashy enough? The aesthetics are perfect, clean and plain. I owned an Antec 900 when they first hit the market, you can recharge a Borg with that thing.

The docking station is really a plus, I use a USB dock and don’t backup enough. I would like to see that on more cases.

Odd, in every build I find that picking the case is the hardest part. Oh, and I would like to see some mini-ITX case reviews.

Good review, thanks!



The front of the case makes me think of a refrigerator...which made me laugh a bit after I read the part about the case's sub-par cooling ability ;)

How come the fans are listed in CM instead of MM?



we describe our fans in CM



I have to confess I've thought the same thing several times over the years. Taking into account my own thoughts, those of Kleinkinstein and that of jimmthang, at the least MaxPC should be tougher in their reviews and ratings. Giving a budget case a 9 makes no sense.



"Giving a budget case a 9 makes no sense."

We often factor price and value into our score. For instance, there are better performing air coolers than Cooler Master's Hyper 212 Evo but the Evo will outscore them because the performance you get for the price is outstanding. I hope that clears things up for you.