Thermaltake Level 10 GT Review



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I'm not even going to lie; this case looks f__king badASS.



I'd rather get the Cubitek Magic Cubes.



That had better be Plan 9 from Outer Space you have as the negative, and not Plan 9 from Bell Labs :P



Personally I love this case, but I like the sci-fi look and feel.

Look and feel aside, my top consideration for this case was thermal performance, which I could see was a definite advantage even before seeing the MPC review. I have a Gigabyte dual X16 SLI mobo that only leaves maybe an eighth of an inch between the GPUs, so side cooling was a MUST! With a 20 cm top fan, side fan, and front fan, and with the side fan being flow direction adjustable, this was a no-brainer for me.

BTW Nate, I believe the rear exhaust is a 14cm fan, not 12, though the port has both 12/14 cm attachment holes for either size of fan.

My one ding for this case would be that its top USB 3 ports are not connected with the new mobo headers, but via a passthrough extension cable for the rear external ports. You basically route the USB extension cables through one of the watercooling tube holes in back. Not a real biggie for me, since my Gigabyte board has about 630 USB 3 external ports, not including the mobo headers. =)

In general, though, tons of room, great thermals, and I like the look. I'm not much of a glowy flashy lightey sort of fan person, but I just keep the fan lights off.



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Or am I the only one who thinks this may have been Borg-inspired?



Oh hell yes! It reminds me of the Borg Nexis.