Maximum PC Staff Jun 05, 2009

Thermaltake Spedo

Funny name. Good deal. Wonderful enclosure

Chunky plastic-and-mesh motif notwithstanding, Thermaltake’s Spedo is full of great features: Look at all those 5.25-inch bezels!

The Thermaltake Spedo is big and bold, with gray plastic trim and black honeycomb mesh running up the front of the case and the top plate. It sounds awkward, but it mostly works, just like the mishmash of features inside.

The Spedo packs a plethora of toolless HDD and optical drive bays.

The 21.1x24x9.1-inch Spedo starts strong with seven external 5.25-inch slots and two removable hard drive bays with three slots each, all completely screwless. Add in two low-rpm 23cm fans (one on top and one on the side), and six smaller, faster fans, including a red LED fan in front of one of the hard drive bays, and airflow is great.

If the “Advanced Thermal Chamber 3,” were really advanced, it wouldn’t feel so flimsy and frustrating to install.

The Spedo ships with an array of flimsy plastic panels billed as the “Advanced Thermal Chamber 3,” which separate the PSU area from the PCI cards from the CPU cooler. In our experience, removing and installing the panels is more trouble than it’s worth; after our initial install we just left them outside the case.

We like the Spedo’s cable-management panels. They even double as cable-hiding panels.

We do like the cable-management system behind the motherboard tray—it consists of a series of plastic plates that clip into the backplane. And we like the screwless PCI slots, too.

The Spedo is a good case with great build quality, but the chunky plastic-and-metal-mesh aesthetic isn’t for everyone.

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Thermaltake Spedo

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