Thermaltake Slashes Level 10 GT's MSRP Through End Of November

Brad Chacos

If you’re going to build a big, badass PC, you need a big, badass case to house that awesome 3-way SLI you’re planning on installing. The Level 10 GT chassis by Thermaltake is one such monstrosity. Yeah, its compartmentalized design is, well, not for everyone, but we still liked it enough that we gave it a 9 score a few months back -- despite its hefty $280 price tag. If that sticker cost was a bit too high, we’ve got some good news; Thermaltake has dropped the MSRP of the case to $200 through the end of November.

Take note, though, that the $200 price is the MSRP, not the direct cost; oddly enough, you’ll still pony up the original $280 if you buy the Level 10 GT directly from Thermaltake. That nifty looking Level 10 GT Snow Edition case isn’t part of the deal, either. It’s still sitting pretty at $280. But if you head over to Amazon, Newegg, or your online retailer of choice, you’ll find the Level 10 GT already available at less than $200. Snatch it up while you can: the offer expires on November 30th.

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