Thermaltake Launches Three New Liquid Cooling Products

Paul Lilly

Feeling wet behind the ears when it comes to liquid cooling? If so, Thermaltake's hoping to ease your trepidation with a new line of liquid cooling products that includes a special version of its Level 10 GT case and two additions to its Bigwater line. All three products are self-contained, all-in-one units that are purportedly easy to install.

First up is the Level 10 GT LCS case. It's the Level 10 GT just as you know it, only with a built-in specialized liquid cooling system that consists of a new generation drive bay unit and interconnecting waterblock with a pure copper base.

The Bigwater A80 is an all-in-device for those who already own a case. It's pre-filled with coolant and outfitted with a low evaporation tube so you needn't worry about refilling it, making it maintenance free. According to Thermaltake, it's also dead simple to install and works with all modern Intel and AMD sockets.

Finally there's the Bigwater 760 Plus , which is a new 2U drive bay liquid cooling system. Thermaltake says it's intended for "advanced LCS lovers." It consists of a quiet pump that pushes 500L/H, 12cm blue LED fan (1600-2400RPM), and water reservoir.

All three will be available in August. No word yet on price.

Image Credit: Thermaltake

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