Thermaltake Launches "No Frills" Azurues Gaming Mouse

Paul Lilly

Kudos to Thermaltake for pitching its new Azurues gaming mouse for what it is -- a "no frills" optical rodent with a handful of features that separate it from your standard rodent.

Among them are three different DPI settings (400/800/1600) changeable via a switch on the Azurues' underbelly, three removable 4.5g weights (also on the underbelly), a rubber coated finish, Teflon feat, a braided cable to avoid tangled tails, and a "pause-break" lighting system (the logo lights up).

No frills indeed, though Thermaltake wasn't all humble, calling the Azurues the "most ideal weapon for first-person shooting games." Where then does that leave Thermaltake's higher end " Black Gaming Mouse " with a 4000 DPI?

No word yet on price or availability.

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