Thermaltake Launches Massive 23 GT Notebook Cooler to Conquer Desktop Replacements

Paul Lilly

Thermaltake is kicking off the week with its Massive 23 GT Notebook Cooler "designed to provide maximum performance to gamers of all levels." The semi-garish looking cooler (at least from the pics we've seen) replaces the Massive 23 LX and CS notebook coolers that came before it, and like those, it can can accommodate everything from 10.1-inch netbooks to 17-inch desktop replacements, and even tablets. Say what now?

According to a badly translated press release , the Massive 23 GT sports a special design with a flip-up valve capable of holding tablets in either portrait or landscape mode, though if your tablet has a tendency to overheat, you should probably return it.

There are five different angle adjustments to play with, making the Massive 23 GT one part cooler and one part notebook stand. Cooling duties are handled by a 200mm red LED fan blowing air through a mesh screen. There's a fan speed control dial that lets users adjust the fan from 500RPM to 800RPM, as well as dual-USB ports and a single mini-USB port.

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: Thermaltake

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