Thermaltake Introduces Water 3.0 Liquid Cooling Systems

Paul Lilly

Liquid cooling made easy.

Just as you can configure and build your PC from scratch, cooling enthusiasts can also piece together a custom liquid cooling solution, provided they have the requisite cash and experience. For everyone else, self-contained liquid cooling systems are the next best thing, offering similar benefits but for less money and far less risk. Enter Thermaltake , one of the more active players in the LCS market, which just announced a trio of new cooling products.

Sitting at the top of Thermaltake's LCS totem pole is its new Water 3.0 Extreme , The Extreme uses a specially designed 240mm large surface radiator with two (or more) 120mm double curve fans to dissipate heat and keep things cool. It has a full copper plate base and comes with fan control software to monitor and customize a range of parameters, including liquid temperature, CPU temperature, fan speed, and pump speed.

Sitting one notch below is the Water 3.0 Pro . It uses a double-thick radiator (49mm) cooled by up to two 120mm fans and is aimed at users who don't have enough space to install a Water 3.0 Extreme but still want high-end cooling performance.

Finally, the Water 3.0 Performer is the same as the Pro, only smaller (the radiator measures 27mm). Thermaltake says it's a good solution for first-timers new to liquid cooling.

No word yet on price or availability.

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