Nathan Edwards

Jun 24, 2008

Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX

At A Glance

Cool as Ice

One of the best air coolers we've ever tested. And it's pretty quiet.

Mr. Cool ICE

It's friggin' huge.

It’s hard to look at Thermaltake’s Big Typhoon VX cooler and not think one of two things: the most horrific joke you can make about size mattering and the current market price of the Dremel you’ll need to cut a hole in your case to make room for this Godzilla of a cooler.

We kid, but only a little. The cooler’s 10.3 centimeters of bulky height already makes it quite a space-filler in your rig, but the Big Typhoon’s size is amplified by the chunky 12cm fan that rests on top of the device’s six heat pipes. Strapping this sucker to a CPU reminds us of those times in SimCity when we would flatten some poor Joe’s house to make way for the Eiffel Tower or something equally grand.

But there’s nothing to joke about when it comes to the Big Typhoon’s performance. It sucks a serious amount of heat from your processor, joining the ranks of our ever-favorite Zalman CNPS9700 as one of the best air coolers we’ve tested. While the baseline temperature of our stock cooler varied during the testing of the CNPS9700 and the Big Typhoon, both devices cooled our FX-60 by near-identical amounts during our burn test—about 12C. To its credit, the Big Typhoon also comes with a fan-speed adjuster. And even at its lowest setting, the device still does an amazing job. We don’t often see quiet-mode coolers beating our processor’s default stock cooler. Usually when we lower fan speeds to a silent setting, processor temperatures go up, not down.

But getting this cooler on the CPU is the real treat. Snapping the single clip across the device’s base takes all of 10 seconds, easily the fastest installation of any air cooler we’ve seen. Were it a bit less bulky, the Big Typhoon VX would be gusting its way to a Kick Ass for sure.

  Stock Cooler Big Typhoon VX (Low)
Big Typhoon VX (High)
Idle (C) 39.5 32
100% Load (C)
54.5 46
Best scores are bolded. Idle temperatures were measured after 30 minutes of inactivit, and full-load temps were measured after running CPU Burn-in for one hour.

Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX

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