Thermaltake Beetle


The Beetle is a gargantuan copper heatsink with a shroud that channels air from a small, high-speed fan through its fins. During testing, the Beetle reminded us of another word that starts with the letter “B.” We could not get this heatsink mounted to our LGA775 platform thanks to an idiotic design that demands massive pressure applied to a screw the size of a Tic Tac.

It went into our AMD platform with relative ease, but its performance was nothing to write home about. The Beetle kicked ass when its fan was set to high, but it was far too loud. Set to low, the unit was quiet, but its temps were considerably hotter than the stock unit.

We think the miniature-football design of both the Beetle and the Star Ice is a bold step—in the wrong direction.
-- Josh Norem

AMD @ idle AMD @ load Intel @ idle Intel @ load Sound output (dBA)
Beetle 32/37 44/59 N/A N/A 69/60
Stock cooler 36 52 42 57 67

* Temps measured at fan-speed high/fan-speed low

Month Reviewed: September 2005
Verdict: 4

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