There's No "i" in "WePad" (and No Proprietary OS Either)

Paul Lilly

Competition in the tablet market looks to be fierce, and that could be bad news for Apple. The latest vendor to go gunning for the iPad is Neofonie, a German company who has put together an Android-based tablet called the WePad .

Neofonie makes it clear who its competition is, and in a related "Facts Sheet"( PDF) , the German outfit openly compares the WePad's spec sheet to Apple's iPad. The WePad includes an 11.6-inch screen, Intel Atom N450 processor, 16GB of internal Flash memory (up to 32GB), a pair of USB ports, support for Adobe Flash/AIR, multitasking, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, optional 3G, optional GPS, and both a WePad AppStore and Google Android Marketplace.

Neofonie also mentions a WeMagazine ePublishng Eco System in a sales pitch to publishing houses.

"For publishing houses, every reader gained with the WePad represents a direct and long-term customer relationship, the foundation for paid content, extensive customer knowledge, and new forms of customer communication," Neofonie says. "While platforms like Apple iTunes and Amazon Kindle force publishing houses into the role of simply a content supplier, the WePad allows publishing houses to retain access to and knowledge of their audience."

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: Neofonie

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