There's an Official Maximum PC Team Fortress 2 Server? You Betcha!


Attention gamers! It's with a great deal of pleasure that I want to tell you guys about our very own hosted Team Fortress 2 server. The fine folks at NuclearFallout Servers , set us up with a 24-player beast of a machine, which we're sharing with our sister publication, PC Gamer. Right now, we've got a fairly standard map rotation (Dustbowl, Well, 2Fort, Dustbowl, Hydro, and Gravelpit) and are playing with standard rules, voice, and the whole nine yards. If you've got suggestions, comments, or social statements let us know!

You can find us in your server browser either under the name "The PC Gamer + Maximum PC Experience" or by opening up your console and typing "connect". Come on out and challenge us to compete or have a good time. We'll be doing most of our recruiting for the official Maximum PC/PC Gamer clan on the server as well, so add us to your favorites list!

If we get good response to the TF2 server, we'll consider adding more games in the future, so hop online and give us a battle. And once again, I'd like to thank NuclearFallout . Without those guys, I wouldn't have a glorious 13 ping when I'm playing at home.

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