The New Wave of LCDs



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Thanks for posting this. I know it's nearly a year old, but i just referred to it again. Good info.



Great Article, I decided to go and do some more looking into panel types (Newegg results show there are more than the three mentioned here and I started finding myself asking questions)

I think some of us may find this website very informative

Has a lot of info...almost too much info, and it's updated often so I hear.



The only thing I don't like about the article is that you don't put up a comparison grid between monitors.  You have to go into each monitor review and look at the ranking results.  An even cooler way would be to rank the importance of each feature from 1 to 10 and then rank each monitor from 1 to 10 in each feature set.  Crank the numbers and get a final rank across the 10 monitors.  Then if you review more you can drop them into your ranking like you do with your zero point PC specs...


Just a thought... 



We can't do that, as all of the displays have to be evaluated against the entirety of displays we've tested.  We can't just give a 1-10 verdict based on the clumping of this feature, we have to assign displays verdicts that reflect their placement in the overcall monitor category.



This is a really informative article, but one thing I'm a bit torn on is the section on contrast ratio.

  "Don’t pay attention to contrast ratios: They’re all hype, as each
display manufacturer will engineer its own testing situation, so
there’s no basis for meaningful comparison."

 I see where you're coming from saying that manufacturer's can impact the numbers depending on how they measure contrast ratio, but aside from that I think most experts would agree that the contrast ratio is the most important aspect of a display.  It far outweighs resolution and even correct colour when it comes to picture quality.  This is because the details for dark scenes or shadowed areas cannot be seen at all if your monitor has a poor contrast ratio.  I can think of a couple shows and movies where you probably wouldn't have the slightest clue what was going on if your contrast wasn't at least 1000:1.