The Witcher among Top 100 Best-Selling PC Games of All Time, Says Developer

Nathan Grayson

If you fix it, they will come, apparently. After a somewhat sloppy launch, PC RPG The Witcher managed to stick its landing with The Witcher: Enhanced Edition – a re-release (or free patch, if you purchased the original game) that weeded out the game’s bugs in a motherly, primate-esque fashion, while also re-bewitching players with as many new features as possible for a world where kitchen sinks have yet to be invented.

And according to a post on the game’s official forums, gamers ate it up .

“So what’s all the buzz about? Well, according to our latest sales data, The Witcher has sold more than 1,2 million copies around the world! 'More numbers,' you might say, but let me finish before J Because of those numbers, The Witcher has jumped onto the list of the 100 bestselling PC games in history,” said CD Projekt marketing coordinator Karol Zajaczkowski.

“Not bad, huh? Nevertheless, bragging is not the most important thing here. What’s important is the fact that we would like to thanks all of you - our fans. We did it once before with the anniversary movie, and we just can’t stop thanking you for making The Witcher a popular choice among PC games. You are the real proof that sometimes going upstream, no matter what people say, is worth taking a risk. Without you, none of this would be possible and none of our dreams would ever come true.”

So, did you help buoy Geralt and co. to the top of the heap? If not, consider yourself grounded from the above helping of the warm-and-fuzzies until you've contributed some words of encouragement and a totally manly ass-slap to one of PC gaming's greatest -- yet somehow under-the-radar -- success stories. And hey, you'll even get a pretty decent game out of the whole deal too.

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