The Ultimate Nerd Workstation Gets 90% Cheaper, Still Crazy Expensive

Paul Lilly

There were two major problems with the Emperor 200 workstation . One is that at $40,000, it was just too damn expensive. But even if you could afford the contraption, the other problem was figuring out a way to convince your significant other that the funky workstation goes with your home decor.

NovelQuest, the company behind the Emperor 200, looks to solve one of those problems with a new model that costs far less, but probably still way too much. The Emperor 1510 retains the same basic shape, only this time it costs $4,950, plus the cost of shipping.

For five large, you get an adjustable seat and leg rest, a handmade Canadian steel frame, forward and back tilting capability, an adjustable keyboard tray, LED lighting, and inputs/outputs for plugging in your PC.

The company is taking preorders now and plans to officially launch the new workstation tomorrow.

Video demonstration (of Emperor 200)

Image Credit: NovelQuest

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