The Sun Chronicle Learns Nothing from Blizzard's "Real Name" Forum Debacle

Paul Lilly

If you thought Blizzard was boneheaded for expecting its forum members to agree to use their real names when posting in threads, wait until you hear this. The Sun Chronicle is taking this bad idea -- the same one that Blizzard quickly reversed course on when common sense, and a public backlash, prevailed -- a step further . Readers who want to leave a comment on a story not only have to use but their real names, but fork over a buck to verify their identity and share their thoughts. What. The. Frak.

"To encourage intelligent and meaningful conversation, all posters will be required to register their name, address, phone number, email and a legitimate credit card number as proof of who you are," reads a message in the comments section of "Your credit card will be charged a one-time fee of 99 cents to activate the account. We will not retain payment information after the one-time transaction."

It doesn't stop there.

"The poster's name as it appears on the credit card will automatically be attached to the poster's comments, as will the city/town and state of the community in which they live."

The idea here is to cut back on trolling without having to outright ban comments, Nevertheless, something tells us this one isn't going to sit well with privacy advocates.

What do you think about The Sun Chronicle's policy?

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