The One: Chumby's Successor Ditches the Squish

Paul Lilly

Remember Chumby, the squishy Internet appliance with a 3.5-inch touchscreen display and WiFi connectivity? Basically a glorified alarm clock , Chumby could also stream news feeds. stock quotes, photos, weather info, and whatever else could be imagined through widgets.

Well, Chumby's back , this time without the squishy exterior and renamed the 'One.' The new model puts a bigger focus on radio features with Pandora support and the ability to access other internet radio stations. And like the original, you can install widgets, of which there are about 1,500 to choose from. The One touts a faster processor, bumping up from 350MHz to 454MHz, but otherwise the specs look to be the same.

Look for the One to retail for about $100 in a month or so.

Image Credit: Chumby via Engadget

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