The Nexus S Is Real, and There Are Pictures

Ryan Whitwam

After months of speculation, is looks like the rumored Nexus S Android phone is real. This device Is expected to be the follow up to Google's Nexus One which was released last January. The name is still far from certain, but the assumption is that the 'S' comes from manufacturer Samsung. The images leaked to Engadget show a device with a large screen (probably a 4-inch Super AMOLED), a front-facing camera, and no physical trackball or trackpad.

The phone is expected to be very similar internally to the line of Samsung Galaxy S phones, but there isn't any Galaxy S branding on the phone in the leaked pics. The Nexus S will most likely be running on Samsung's Hummingbird processor, and will probably come running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. A 5MP camera is also expected.

A leak earlier in the day on the Best Buy website indicated that the device may be an exclusive to the retailer this holiday season. Some photos on Flickr purport to be taken on a Nexus S/Samsung GT-i9020. FCC filings on that model number indicate this will be a T-Mobile band phone. The Best Buy ad also mentioned T-Mobile. Hit the link above for more images. So what say you Internets? Is this a desirable device?

Image via Engadget

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