The Next Starcraft II Episode is at Least 18 Months Off

Justin Kerr

I rank the patience of Blizzard fans right up there with the Duke Nukem Forever crowd. Perfection takes time, we get that, but those who believed that the episodic design of Starcraft II would enable quick releases might be disappointed to learn that the next installment is likely still at least another 18 months off .

Speaking at GDC 2010 in Austin Texas, project director Greg Canessa mapped out the timeline for new online features, but accidentally hinted at the release date for Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm during question period. Based on the timelines Canessa discussed, it appears as though we could be looking at an April 2012 ship date for the second chapter in the Starcraft trilogy.

This is bad news for single player fans, but Canessa tried to raise spirits by detailing several improvements planned for between now and the release of the sequel. Blizzard plans to patch in support for replay trading, broadcasting, and even a full overhaul to the profile configurator. If we use 18 months as our benchmark for each episode, then gamers should expect to see the Starcraft II story wrapping up sometime in the 2014/2015 timeframe. By then I fully expect to have a CPU core for each and every Zergling. The race is on Blizzard!

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