The Missing Keys


I bought two laptops for my two granddaughters about a year and a half ago. Now both have missing keys. Is there a way to purchase replacement keys, or do I need to buy a whole new keyboard? These two laptops are both Compaqs sold by HP. If I give HP the model number can I get a kit with all the key caps and a procedure for installation?

—Michael H.

Key replacement will vary based on the keyboard type used in the notebook. Some keys can be replaced by pressing replacements into the socket; others, however, once broken, cannot be easily repaired. In that case, the best way to repair them is to buy a new keyboard. The HP Parts Store carries replacement keyboards for $30–$60. Obviously, prices vary greatly, but a new keyboard for a notebook on eBay can fetch from $20 to $100 or more depending on the model and make. Switching the keyboard is usually a pretty painless affair, so long as you can locate the service manual for your notebook. You can find Compaq service manuals at HP’s Customer Care site.

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