The Maximum PC Auction


We’re selling two kick-ass Maximum PC -built and -blessed PCs on eBay to raise money for the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. You could be one of the lucky bidders!

The Baby Blue auction is OVER! Check it out here !

The Roadrunner auction is online NOW! Take a look !

The staff at Maximum PC watched in horror as first Hurricane Katrina, and then Hurricane Rita pummeled the Gulf coast, killing more than 1,000 people and destroying the homes, towns, and even cities of thousands more. Yet our hearts were warmed by the stories of the heroes who came to the aid of the hurricanes’ victims. And more than ever, we recognized the invaluable contribution of charitable organizations, such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

We wanted to do something to help. So we embarked on a mission to raise money for these charities that save the day in disaster zones, by doing what we do best—building kick-ass PCs.

These are two of the fastest PCs money can buy. The gaming PC we assembled is lightning-fast, and the hand-crafted small formfactor rig combines the raw speed of an all-around performer with the silent running you can only achieve with a mobile processor.

We’re going to auction these PCs on eBay, then donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the gaming rig to the Salvation Army and all the proceeds from the silent machine to the Red Cross.

Of course, we couldn’t have built these rigs without the good will of vendors throughout the PC industry, who donated parts and time to help make these machines a reality—their contributions are much appreciated!

Mind you, this is the first time ever that hand-built machines by Maximum PC editors have been available for sale. Each one was built with care, is completely unique, and bears the signature of every editor. This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a piece of Maximum PC , and best of all, it’s for a great cause! If you’re not in the market for a new rig right now, consider these machines a roadmap to your next hardware upgrade.

Check back here on December 4, when we'll release information about how you can bid on one of these two machines:

Check out " Baby Blue ."

Check out " The Road Runner ."

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