The Maximum PC Auction: Baby Blue


A small footprint and a super-low noise profile mean you can put this rig anywhere—it’s got the power to handle any task, even gaming!

Whether you put this rig in your living room and connect it to your big-screen TV or regularly tote it between LAN parties and your home office, Baby Blue has you covered. Its Pentium M 770 processor runs at a whopping 2.13GHz, but sips so little power that it barely needs an active cooling solution. The eVGA GeForce 7800 GT board delivers awesome gaming performance, but also runs at easily managed temps.

There’s nothing making a peep here. Even the storage—a Kick Ass award-winning Western Digital Caviar SE16 drive with 400GB of space—runs at barely a whisper. Indeed, when we first powered up the Baby B, we weren’t even sure if it was on—it’s that quiet!

Graphics Card
SLI is nice, but sometimes you want something a little quieter. If you love the power, but don’t love the noise, eVGA’s GeForce 7800 GT is just the ticket. This card delivers all-out performance but runs cool enough that you can spin down the fan.

Hard Drive
This 400GB Western Digital Caviar SE16's fairly standard specs—16MB cache and 7,200rpm spindle speed—disguise a performance monster. This drive beats the 10,000rpm Raptor in some benchmarks, while running virtually silent.

Power Supply
We chose Antec’s NeoPower 480 for Baby Blue’s power supply. Its modular design, tidy braided cables, and quiet operation make this PSU perfectly suited for our powerful but silent system.

Auction Details
Check back here on December 1, when we'll publish details about how you can bid on this PC.

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