The Keystick Keyboard Collapses, Keeps You Healthy

Paul Lilly

Here's one for the hypochondriac on the go - a collapsible keyboard that, in addition to folding up into a compact stick for easy carrying, it also purports to keep the germs away .

Designers Yoonsang Kim and Eunsung Park made sure to include a "None Bacterial Project" label front and center, which lets potential buyers know that their portable plank is first and foremost designed to reduce the spread of infection. But the real draw here is in how neatly and compact the plank folds up

It's a concept keyboard so you can't actually order one right now, but until the design comes to fruition, you can ogle at a handful of pics of what the plank might look like, should someone actually build it, at .

Want to have some fun with the germaphobes? Post a link to a pic of the filthiest keyboard you own, Hot Pocket shrapnel and all, in the comments section below.

Image Credit: YankoDesign

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